RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd.

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We are internationally recognised company active in several areas, all of which are focused on achieving excellence for our customers in the field of grant funding. RR & CO. is committed to assisting customers mainly through providing first-class consultancy and training as well as finding optimal solutions for specific issues related to grant-funded projects and processes.

Our advantages include wide international network and a strong position as an experienced global player in the field of grant-funding.

As internationally recognised company we work on five main areas of development:

  • RR & CO. KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: dealing with grant funding issues; from writing the application to project management and training
  • EFAMT®: solving administrative and financial issues in grant-funded projects; we have developed our own tool EFAMT® (Easy Financial and Accounting Management Tool), for easy administrative and financial management of grant-funded projects.
  • EU PARTNERS®: franchises in the Balkan market to locally support innovative thinking in the New Member States and Associated countries through rising administrative capacity and providing general support in grant-funded projects.
  • RR ASSOCIATED CONSULTANT: Franchise intended to support smaller players, such as SMEs on the local market. Currently, this franchise is only opened for a Slovenian market.
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES: To spread the excellence and further increase and strengthen our knowledge and quality of services, we have strong links to other organisation in the international markets.