EFAMT® - Easy Financial and Accounting Management Tool

Are you fed-up with all the administrative burden of grant funded projects? Do you find it difficult to follow the specific rules valid in the world of grand-funded projects? Is your organisation loosing money instead of gaining it?

We have the answer. We have been following the rules and specifics of grant-funded projects through our customers in different countries, as well as through own participation in EU funded projects. On the basis of this knowledge and experience, we have developed an excellent tool EFAMT®, which enables you and/or your project partners’ easy financial management of EU or national funded projects.

Moreover, we know that every country and every organisation has specific way of dealing with administrative and financial issues and complying with the rules; for this reason, we have also designed a special user interface within EFAMT®, which can be created according to the specifics of national R&D calls and designed to suit the needs of your respectable organisation.

EFAMT® for projects funded through Horizon 2020: www.rr-co.eu/efamt
For more information on EFAMT®, please refer to the original web site: www.efamt.eu


We have an international network of agents and resellers, who have joined us in marketing this increasingly popular and effective tool.

Our agents and resellers have all our support to successfully promote EFAMT®. We provide all the necessary the training and marketing materials.

Should you be interested in becoming a part of our network please contact us at: .

You will be asked to provide the detailed description of your organisation and the region in which you are active.  

For more information on EFAMT®, please refer to the original web site: www.efamt.eu.

We are looking forward to a successful partnership with you.