Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to install anything if I want to use EFAMT®?
    No, there is no need for any installation. EFAMT® is completely web-based and is available anywhere and at any time.
  2. What are the technical requirements to use EFAMT®?
    You need a computer with Internet access and your login data.
  3. How can I get a DEMO or live presentation?
    EFAMT® team will be pleased to give you a DEMO presentation. Skype or other online presentation tools will be used. Please contact us to suggest a date and hour of the presentation.
  4. How many staff members can be allocated to one project?
    On EFAMT®, there is no limit on number of staff members.
  5. How can I start using EFAMT®?
    To be able to use EFAMT®, you should contact our sales team for a subscriber’s agreement. After we have formally agreed, you will be issued a username and a password.
  6. Can I record staff wage rate?
    Of course, EFAMT® enables you to record staff wage rates on the project. EFAMT® allows you to have different staff wage rates within the duration of the project.
  7. How many projects can be managed at the same time?
    EFAMT® is a multi-project management tool. Several projects can be managed at the same time. Contact us for more information.
  8. Do I need a different username and password for each project?
    On EFAMT® you can have access to all your projects with the same username and password.
  9. Is our project and personnel data backed up and recoverable in case of server failure, downtime or unavailability?
    All project and personnel data is backed up secured in a database, which is protected against loss in case of server failure, downtime or unavailability.
  10. Is our project and personnel data stored in secure and confidential way in EFAMT®?
    Log-ins are password protected and the Internet connection is encrypted. All the data is secured in a database, which is protected against data loss and unauthorized access and modification. Personal data are treated in accordance with the law for protection of personal data.
  11. Can EFAMT® also be used on a MAC computer?
    Yes, EFAMT® is also optimized for Safari browser.
  12. Can EFAMT® be used on different browsers?
    Yes, EFAMT® is available on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  13. Can I still access the project if it has already ended? How long is the project information stored on EFAMT®?
    On client’s request, EFAMT® can be accessed for a period of up to five years after the project is finished. Typically, after the project is finished only one user account remains active.
  14. Can I export my data?
    Yes, all you financial analyses data and your project settings can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF or XML.
  15. Which data are available to the coordinator and how deep can the coordinator look at the partners’ data?
    Coordinator can have an overview of the financial data of all the partners only on a summary level. Coordinator cannot access single entries of invoices or timesheets of a partner, nor their wage rates.
  16. In my organization we have our own system for timesheets. How does EFAMT® come into play in such a case?
    In such a case, you can use EFAMT® to record summary data. You will be asked to provide information on your total hours/days spend on the project and costs of those hours. Of course, you will still have to distribute work on at least work packages and costs categories or optionally also on tasks / deliverables.
  17. Can we use our national currency to record costs on EFAMT®?
    Yes, costs on EFAMT® can be recorded in the national currency. Automatic conversion for all currencies is provided automatically by European Central Bank on chosen date: date of cost / end of reporting period / date of report.
  18. Can I record the financial plans in EFAMT®?
    Yes, all the financial plans can be recorded in EFAMT® in a simple way. By doing so, you will be able to monitor your project better through the compare actual to plan analyses.
  19. What can I record in EFAMT®?
    • Timesheets: Record staff or employee effort in work hours. Hours can be recorded by each staff member or employee directly or by an authorized person who can perform such function. Only minimum data is required.
    • Invoices: Record all other direct costs in the project such as travel costs, equipment, material costs etc.
    • Receipts: Record all the receipts that you might have received and which prove that you have received additional funds/cash within this project.
  20. How to enter new / change / delete data and export information?
    The application is designed to be user friendly, meaning that throughout the application you will find similar functions for similar tasks in similar places:
    • For entering a record click "Add new"
    • To save newly added data click "Insert"
    • If you don’t want to save any changes, click "Cancel" or click "HOME"
    • To edit existing data select a record and click () "Edit".
    • To save edited data click "Update"
    • To delete a record, select the record and click () "Delete".
    • To refresh the page, click Refresh
    • To export information, select one of the available options: Excel, Word, Print (also for PDF), or XML.
    • Click arrows in the table footer to move backwards or forwards through the table pages.
  21. Does EFAMT® enable distribution of costs and work hours also on measures?
    Yes, in EFAMT® you can record your financial plans on measures, distribute your costs on measures and report on measures.

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