1. Set-up project
Minimal data required
You only have to tell EFAMT® about the specifics of your project. It already knows about the general financial rules for Horizon 2020.
Summary or detailed?
You can select whether you want to enter your work hours and other costs in detail or summary.
Currency conversion
Manage your project in your national currency and EFAMT® will take care of currency conversions. Set your national currency.
Staff wage rate definition
You have different wage rate every month? Don’t worry, EFAMT® can handle it.
2. Record time and costs
Simple recording of data

  • Minimum data required
  • Intuitive forms for recording data
  • Designed to minimize chances of mistakes
Recording time and costs
Each partner can record all timesheets and other costs in detail or as summary data.
Transfer of data between work packages, tasks, deliverables, cost categories, activity types, measures.
Feel overloaded?
Delegate recording timesheet and invoice data to your co-workers.
3. Monitor project time and costs
In-depth view
Automatically generated analyses enable complete insight into project dynamic in real time.
Actual vs. planned
In-depth financial analytics for comparing actual with planned time and costs.
Coordinator analyses
Overview of financial data of time and costs spent for a whole consortium and all partners.
Partner analyses
Overview of all the partner financial data: costs and time spent and financial data of the partner.
EFAMT® automatically calculates overhead costs according to H2020 rules.
Export results
Export all analyses into Excel, Word, pdf or XML. Results of analyses are also shown as graphs.
4. Report in line with financial rules
In line with H2020 rules
EFAMT® knows the H2020 rules, so you don‘t have to. All reports will be generated according to financial rules.
Automatic reports for partners
All the reports are generated automatically, from the data already recorded in EFAMT®.
Automatic reports for coordinators
All the reports are generated automatically, from the data already recorded in EFAMT®.
Fast and efficient
Data from partners are gathered automatically and built into official report.
5. Welcome audits
5 years
EFAMT® can save the data you entered for 5 years after the project has finished.
Double control
You can make sure your financial data are correct and in accordance with your accounting systems.
Project database
All your project financial data are safely stored in one central repository and readily available.
Data consistency
EFAMT® will ask you only to record time and costs. Everything else is calculated automatically, which guarantees consistency.
6. Enjoy
No need to learn the rules
One of the biggest issues on international projects is that researchers also have to do administrative and financial work. Now they can focus on their primary research.
Enter only neccessary data
Record only the data that is absolutely neccessary. EFAMT® will calculate the rest.
Focus on your scientific work
The aim of your project is the scientific research and not administrative and financial work. That is what EFAMT® will take care of.


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