Writing Competitive Project Proposals

Preparation of each project proposal represents a tight co-operation between the client and our consultants

We will provide guidance on how to convincingly structure each part of the project proposal, align it with the requirements of the call for proposal and emphasise the strong points of your consortium.

We will assist you in designing the best project management structure and decision-making processes for the needs of your project.

Together with you and your partners we will prepare a well-ballanced and justified project budget.

Using our well-established methodology, we will lead you through the entire process of preparing the project proposal:

  • Evaluation of your project regarding the requirements of the call
    Before starting to write your project proposal, we will check if all the eligibility criteria for the project are met. We will also evaluate financial capacities of the coordinator and the partners, regarding the criteria defined in the call. If needed, we will recommend partner structure in the consortium.
  • Communicating with partners and gathering their information
    In order to support the project proposal with good references that show your consortium‘s capacity to implement the project, together with you we will prepare partner descriptions and iterate until the consortium is presented in the best possible way.
  • Preparing project budget
    Budget is prepared in tight cooperation with each partner. Structure of costs, their eligibility and justification of resources will be prepared in line with Horizon 2020 rules and best practice.
  • Helping prepare the Impact part of project proposal, including Communication and Dissemination
    We will make sure that with our help you will address all the impacts listed in the work programme as well as identify any other social, economic, environmental impacts your project will have. For each of the impacts identified we will help you prepare a description of the steps that need to be taken to bring you from your project results to the desired impacts. We will help you set targets and define indicators for each of your project impact as well as to describe how you will monitor them. Finally we will help you look at how your project will improve the innovation capacity and integrate new knowledge to make the European industry more competitive.
  • Helping structure the Excellence part of project proposal
    We will help you define SMART objectives and relate them to the call for proposals. We will make sure that your objectives are consistent with what is expected from you. We will help you analyse and present in a convincing manner the concept of your project and the approach you have chosen for solving the identified problems. We will ask questions that will help you analyse the current state of the art and to clearly identify the progress your project will make beyond what is currently the best/most advanced in your field. If needed, we will help you determine the TRL of your project and we will make you consider sex and/or gender issues.
  • Preparing the draft project management description
    Based on the type of project and your consortium, we will prepare for you a draft proposal for the project management structure and decision making bodies and procedures within your consortium. We will make sure that all key project management issues are covered and that you will have a structure that will allow you for efficient implementation of your project. We will adapt project management to your needs and wishes.
  • Dealing with all the administration regarding project proposal submission
    Working with us, you will forget about all the administrative burden of preparing a project proposal. From the moment we start working together, till the final submission of the proposal, it will be our job to take care of all the administrative issues. We will gather all the requested info from all the project partners, prepare the administrative forms of the project proposal and make sure all the partners have a PIC. On your behalf we will manage the entire online submission procedure. This will allow you to focus on the scientific and technology part of your project.

We will shape your research idea into a competitive project proposal.

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