Assisting the authorities in Balkan States

Candidate Countries and Countries which have recently joined the EU can access more and more of the European money in the forms of EU programmes and funds. If they will also be able to absorb all this money, depends on brilliant idea coupled with good eye for administrative details – what the EU calls “administrative capacity”. In some programmes in the past, 20% of applied projects were not financed because of “non-eligibility”, meaning that not all administrative details were in order. Using previous experiences from countries with similar background can provide a shortcut to more and bigger funds. There is no need for other countries to make the same mistakes that Slovenia has.

To make the most of the money aimed at your country, we can offer you assistance in all phases of the programme cycle and beyond:
  • Assessment of the administrative system aimed at EU funds management (administrative capacity) and training on specifically identified weak issues
  • Consulting for National Contracting or Managing Authorities in the preparation of calls for proposals, guides for applicants, the selection procedures and subsequent contracting and monitoring of projects
  • Workshops on proposal preparation, aimed at specific audiences and programmes
    • Also, training for trainers: we train your staff who then train potential project applicants.
  • Consulting / Mentoring for support structures aimed at increasing absorption capacity of EU funding, such as Regional Chambers of Commerce, Euro Info Centres, Regional Development Agencies and many more
  • Evaluations of EU grant programmes administrative schemes and project evaluations related to RTD and innovation

Services can be offered in English and Croatian / Serbian language.

From our previous experience as consulting company in Slovenia, we have seen the problems arise from both state sector and from project applicants themselves. Namely, in the past we have performed the following services:

  • For the contracting authorities / Delegation of European Commission
    • Assessment and audit of administrative capacity of organisations implementing EU grant schemes
    • Evaluation of Structural Funds programmes
    • Preparation of EU-aligned methodology for grants schemes in Slovenia
  • For the project applicants we have participated in project preparation and/ or implementation of the many programmes:
    • 5th, 6th, 7th Framework Programme
    • LIFE Environment
    • PHARE
    • Structural Funds
  • Our clients include: public sector, such as municipalities, ministries and the European Commission, and also Universities, research institutions, hospitals, and many more; as well as private sector - large corporations and small and medium-sized companies

For any detailed or custom-made offer on consulting services, please contact or phone us.


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