Western Balkan Countries

RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. is focused on achieving excellence for clients in the field of grant funding. We are committed to assisting clients mainly through providing first-class consultancy and training as well as finding optimal solutions for specific issues related to grant funded projects and processes. Our advantages include wide international network and a strong position as an experienced global player in the field of grant funding. We focus on development of knowledge, products and services connected to the needs of our clients, who are exploiting the possibilities of grant funding.

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RR & CO. Ltd. is member of the international associations

  • European Association of Research Managers (EARMA), our General Manager, Mateja Rudolf holds the position of Secretary in EARMA
  • International Project Management Association (IPMA)
  • Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • Slovenian Association for Project Management (SZPM)

Seminars and Trainings

We organized many seminars, lectures, workshops, in-house trainings and both formal and informal meetings with representatives of municipalities and other organizations in different countries. Until June 2009 our consultants have lectured in more than 170 seminars and workshops on the topic of grant funding, in Slovenia and abroad. All in all we had over 3200 participants at our seminars and workshops. Therefore we obtained vast experience and knowledge also of the Western Balkan region, its needs and opportunities.
In the year 2008 we implemented one week training “Integrating IPA Funding into Implementation of Municipal Capital Improvements Programs” financed by USAID for Macedonian municipal representatives.

Seminars in the Balkan States 2007 - 2009 (pdf)

EU Grant Academy

The primary goal of EU Grant Academy is to enhance absorption capabilities for utilizing EU funds. EU Grant Academy is a product of our own knowledge and is unique on the European market.
From April 2008 until June 2009 we have successfully accomplished 6 EU Grant Academies, 3 in Zagreb (Croatia), 1 internal academy in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 1 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and 1 in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Until June 2009 we had over 100 participants in our EU Grant Academy.

Management and coordination

We have been actively participating in a wide range of grant funded international projects since 2000, but also housing experts in managing projects funded by structural funds. Depending on the subject of the proposal we have been involved as a consultant, project partner or coordinator in more than 16 international projects and more then 80 national projects. In particular, we specialize in financial coordination of grant funded projects and in solving any specific related issues.

We were administrative-financial coordinator in:

  • 6th Framework programme: Project “GENEPARK - Genomic Biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease” (2007-2009)
  • 5th Framework Programme: Project SLORITTS “Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategies for Slovenia“ (2001-2004)


  • Public procurement of Ministry of the Interior: The evaluation of European Refugee Fund – Annual Programme 2006 measures in Slovenia
  • Public procurement of Ministry of Labour, Family and social Affairs: The evaluation of the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme in Slovenia 2004-2006 (2005 – 2008)
  • Public tender: Updating and adjusting the tender documentation to EU standards  for Municipality of Ljubljana (2004);
    Role of RR & CO.: Coordinator
  • PHARE Programme: Project Assessment and Audit of Administrative Capacity of CFCU and other PHARE Grant Schemes Implementing Agencies (2002);
    Role of RR & CO.: Local expert for Delegation of European Commission in Slovenia

EFAMT® Grant Wizard - EU Grant Management Monitoring Solution

We developed application EFAMT® Grant Wizad, which is user friendly web-based tool for grant management, specialised in real-time monitoring and financial reporting. It is optimised for 6th and 7th Framework Programme financial reporting. EFAMT® simplifies the work of project partners and coordinators. Standardised way of inputting data and automated reporting allows using the solution to manage national and international projects. EFAMT® is present on the market for over three years. More than 1800 project partners from over 250 organisations are using it on more than 1500 projects.

For more information on EFAMT® Grant Wizad please visit www.efamt.eu or read leaflets:
ORGANISATIONS: finances in grant funded projects,
PROJECT CORDINATORS: finances in grant funded projects,
- PROJECTS PARTNERS: finances in grant funded projects,
- One click to Form C in Framework Programme,
- FEAUTURES: finances in grant funded projects


On the basis of our experience and knowledge of grant funded projects we are dedicated to transfer knowledge through efficient local actors on their markets. EU PARTNERS® is a franchise network, through which our own business model is being transferred to the Balkans. The franchisee will be able to successfully build on domestic market, assisted with our know-how and show-how.

Human resources capability

RR & CO. is a company with a long standing tradition and team of 20 regular employees, of which 13 are core multidisciplinary experts in the field of grant funding. Six of our employees have a degree of Masters of Science from fields of economy, sociology, tourism and informatics, two employees are also PhD students (research themes: Cooperation between SMEs and RTD institutions: obstacles and opportunities; Impact of Internationalization on Quality and HRM in Higher Education)

As expert partner and a member of project management team and steering committee we prepared “Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategies for Slovenia” within the project SLORITTS co-financed by 5th Framework Programme.

Our employees are able to communicate and lecture in English, Croatian, Serbian, Italian and some of them also in Macedonian.

Key personnel:

Robert Rudolf

-  Expert of issues to increase administrative and absorption capacity of EU grants
- Leadership of developmental projects
- Administrative and financial management, business monitoring
- Member of “Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategies for Slovenia” (SLORITTS) project management team
- Expert in the "PHARE Assessment and Audit of CFCU and Other Intermediary Organisations Implementing PHARE Grant Schemes"
- Expert consultant of “Easy Financial Accounting and Management Tool for EU Projects” project
- Start-up of company, organisational skills, development of innovation
- Evaluator at the Slovenian Technology Agency

Mojca Dušica Zajc MSc

- PhD student of Dr Maja Bučar and Dr Metka Stare, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (research theme: Cooperation between SMEs and RTD institutions: obstacles and opportunities);
- Assessments of administrative capacity of Grant Schemes Implementing Bodies
- Extensive experience with the administrative financial management of projects co-financed by grants;
- Knowledge of social sciences methodology
- Evaluator of project proposals for the Technology Agency of Slovenia
- Policy analysis and evaluation, also programme evaluation
- Accomplished lecturer in Slovene, English and Serbian / Croatian (seminars, workshops in the area);
- Researcher into R&D projects for companies, cooperation between SMEs and PROs with view of innovative capacity of SMEs;

Aljoša Kocjančič

- Administrative and financial management of the project co financed by public grants
- Extensive experience in preparing project proposals for national as well as EU public calls
- Project management
- Evaluator at the Slovenian Technology Agency

Damjan Struna MSc

- Implementation of "Practical project proposal development academy" in duration of 110 academic hours, Zagreb, Croatia, between 2. 4. 2008 and 11. 7. 2008
- Experienced lecturer in the field of grants (over 40 lectures on EU grant funding, both in Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian language);
- Experience with the administrative-financial management of projects co-financed by grants;
- Experience in writing different types of EU grant funding project proposals
- Evaluator at the Slovenian Technology Agency (TIA)
- Registered member of Slovenia Research Agency (ARRS) research and development group

Alenka Braček Lalić MSc

- Experience with realization of projects from the field of internationalization of higher education;
- development and maintaining business and service relationships with recruiting faculties in Europe and in countries overseas;
- management and coordination of the exchange students and teachers and study abroad programmes, such as: ERASMUS and CEEPUS;
- management and coordination of the International Joint study programmes and management of all procedures considering the national accreditation;
- management and coordination of the international accreditation procedure (EAPAA – European Association of Public Administration Accreditation, located in the Netherlands);
- coordination of the international projects, such as: INTERREG (Slovenia and Italia); LEONARDO DA VINCI; ERASMUS MUNDUS; LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME (LLP);
- management and coordination of the International Joint Master Study Programme Management in Administration with University of Belgrade;
- management and coordination of the International Joint Master Study Programme Finance and Accounting for Common Europe with University of Rotterdam, Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica and Economics University in Prague;
- coordination of Erasmus tutorship for foreign students and of Commission for International Relations.

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