Administrative – Financial Coordination

We provide comprehensive consulting for the project coordinator, regarding administrative-financial management of the project.

postits_admin fin pod stranSigning the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement marks the beginning of your project. This is where the real work starts.

Even though you were granted the project because of its excellence in the field, administrative and financial coordination remains one of the key activities of the project implementation. Not only does this activity take a lot of time and energy, it also requires specific knowledge on financial project management.

Our team of experts will assist you and guide you through the project implementation, so you can focus on your research. Some of the activities we perform are:

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  • Preparing the Project Management Handbook for administrative and financial project management, to be used by all project partners and the coordinator
  • Presenting the methodology of the project management, communication and reporting
  • Introducing financial rules regarding justification of costs
  • Consulting the scientific coordinator and other partners about eligible costs on the project
  • Consulting on preparing periodic financial reports
  • Consulting on preparing final financial reports for the scientific coordinator and the partners, as defined in the Grant Agreement
  • Consulting about cost management and justification of resources for the scientific coordinator and each partner
  • Assisting the scientific coordinator in preparation for the Technical Review and cooperation on the Technical Review meeting
  • Pre-audit control

Operational activities

  • Preparing operating procedures, agenda, structure of the materials and methodological approaches for the kick-off meeting and other project meetings, preparing the minutes
  • Preparing and cooperating on all official project meetings and in meetings with the EC – preparing the agenda together with the coordinator and preparing minutes together with the coordinator
  • If the amendmends to the GA are required, we coordinate all activities for preparing and approving the amendments: preparing the request for the amendment together with justification, any neccessary change in the Description of Work, communicating with all interested stakeholders, supporting the coordinator in communicating with the EC, informing all project partners about changes in the GA
  • Other activities connected with administrative-financial coordination of the entire project (communicating with the EC, communicating with auditors, communicating with other partners, etc.)


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